Our Facilities

As one enters our adult day care center facility, one enters our “Drive-In” area, complete with a large screen TV, speakers, and comfortable couch style seating including a couch made from a 1957 Chevrolet!  The furniture can be easily pushed against the wall to allow the room to be used for games and other open space activities.  The art on the walls is reminiscent of a fifties style Drive-In. 

The Kitchen is adjacent to the “Drive-In”.  The exterior walls of the Kitchen are painted a dark blue, a color known to be soothing to dementia patients.  Above the entry door to the kitchen and along the entire exterior wall of the kitchen is a red and white striped awning which creates the illusion of an exterior street corner.  Little café tables are under the awning so patrons can sit and chat while enjoying a cup of coffee or other beverage.  The red, white, and blue coloring of the exterior of the kitchen evokes a sense of patriotism and pride for our patrons.
To the left of the kitchen is another large open space known as our “Hollywood Diner”.  The décor is reminiscent of a fifties Diner with Hollywood memorabilia from the 50’s era on the walls, a tabletop juke box programmed to play lively music from the 50’s and 60’s, and large restaurant tables conducive to group chats and game play.  This is the focal point of the Center where a great deal of socializing and group activity takes place.  
The Hair and Nail salon is located beyond the Kitchen.  This room is decorated like an iconic hair salon complete with a barber light on the exterior and fun décor on the interior.  The room contains a hair dressing station, a shampoo sink, a pedicure station, and a nail salon table.  A hair stylist and nail stylist come in from exterior businesses and provide the hair and nail services by appointment for a small additional charge.  
Across from the hair and nail salon is a bedroom decorated like your grandmother’s bedroom with decorative quilts on the beds and an end-table between the two beds.  This is used when any of the patrons need to lie down and rest.  
There are three bathrooms located at the Center, all with handicap alarms, and one with a brand-new handicap shower to provide shower services should that be necessary.  
The Library and Beach Room, also known as the Sensory Therapy Room, are across from the “Hollywood Diner”.  The Library is decorated like an old English Study with bookshelves lining the walls, a fireplace at the end of the room, and comfortable arm chairs in front of the fireplace.  There are chairs placed in the back of the room with a small table for games such as chess or checkers.  
The Beach Room, or Sensory Therapy Room, has a large wall mural of the ocean encompassing one entire wall, giving the sense that one could walk right into the water thereby creating visual stimulation for our patrons.  There is beach décor on the other walls, and a moving picture display of a colorful aquarium, again for visual stimulation.  The patrons enjoy Sensory tables with bins containing items such as kinetic sand or seashells to stimulate the sense of touch.  Aromatherapy is used to stimulate the sense of smell.  Background music or ocean sounds are also played for auditory stimulation.  All of these sensory stimulations are important to improve the well-being of our elderly clients particularly those with dementia.  Noble Care, LLC’s Beach Room is unique to the Noble Care, LLC Center and offers an important way for us to improve the quality of life of our patrons.