Adult Day Care Services & Programs

We want our clients to truly have fun while at Noble Care, LLC Center, which serves the Greater Hartford CT area. Our clients are stimulated psychologically, socially, and creatively by enjoying a variety of activities in our well-designed center.  The décor of the rooms evokes happy memories bringing clients back to a time of their youth which enhances their mood and sense of well-being.  Clients are socially stimulated by enjoying each other’s company as well as that of the staff and occasional guests.  They also enjoy private time or small group activities in the library or the beach room.  In addition, there are scheduled group activities such as crafts, games, and shows including piano singalongs or magic shows when guests come in to perform.  


Food / Snacks / Meals

For the time being, clients bring in their lunch and our staff reheats items.  We offer snacks both mid-morning and mid-afternoon.  The snacks are healthy but also enjoyable such as muffins, pastry, fruit, pudding, bagels, etc…  Coffee, juice, and water are also available throughout the day.  The staff sets up and cleans up the snack and oversees the lunch service including reheating food and cleaning up.

Medicine Policy

We prefer our clients to take their medications outside of the center; however, we recognize that occasionally mid-day medication might be required. We can assist the client with self-administration of mid-day medication. We have aspirin, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, and other over-the counter medicine to offer clients if they have a headache or other mild injury, so long as it is permitted under CT law.


Clients can be dropped off as early as 8 am and picked up as late as 6pm. We provide a full day of fun at Noble Care.

Hours & Closed Times

The center is open from 8am to 6pm Monday through Friday, closed for regular holidays.

How do our services make us different?

Learn more as we spotlight some of the features that we feel set our services above and beyond the typical expectations:

What is Adult Daycare?

elderly Connecticut residents socializing at adult day care center in Rocky Hill CT

An Adult Day Care Center such as Noble Care is a place where your loved one can enjoy socializing with peers  and engaging in stimulating activities while under the safety and supervision of our staff.

In-Home Care Compared to Noble Care, LLC

elderly persons participating in games and fun activities at adult day care - senior citizens center in CT

Shockingly, many people don’t know about Adult Day Care Centers, let alone their benefits which include decreasing feelings of loneliness and depression for clients and increasing confidence, socialization skills, and cognition.

How Does Noble Care Improve the Quality of Life of a Loved One Diagnosed With Dementia?

Elderly person with Dementia at Adult Day Care center in Connecticut, near Hartford

Noble Care provides a relaxed and fun environment to give your loved one a better quality of life along with daily sensory stimulation.