An adult day care center such as Noble Care, LLC is a place where seniors enjoy social interaction and stimulating activities while under the supervision and care of professional caregivers.   In contrast to a community senior center, an adult day care center serves those with physical or cognitive disabilities who should not be left alone either because of safety concerns or because they need social interaction and social stimulation.  

Evidence shows that adults attending adult day care programs gain an improvement in their quality of life.  Programs such as Noble Care, LLC provide behavioral, psychological, and social benefits for participants especially those with dementia and other cognitive impairments.  There are also benefits to the family members of the participants.  Evidence shows that using adult day care services has a positive impact on family dynamics by reducing stress, and improving the mood, health, and overall well-being of all family members.  

Noble Care is an adult day care center established under the requirements and regulations of the State of CT.  As such, Noble Care, LLC maintains the appropriate staff to participant ratios and provides necessary services for supervision and assistance with activities of daily living.  Noble Care, LLC is considered a social service center concentrating on social stimulation and recreation while providing certain health-related services for dementia clients.