One of Noble Care, LLC’s most unique amenities is the Sensory Room. The Sensory Room uses sensory therapy to improve memory, physical function, and reduce stress for our clients.

Sensory therapy is strongly recommended by gerontologists to improve the quality of life for the elderly particularly those with dementia. This form of therapy utilizes one’s senses. For example, aromatherapy can bring back certain memories, or looking at pictures of family members can be reminiscent of special memories. With the benefits of sensory therapy in mind, Noble Care, LLC created a unique sensory experience for our clients.

Noble Care, LLC Center has a room dedicated to Sensory Therapy known as the Beach Room. The Beach Room has a nautical theme and is specially designed to appeal to the five senses. The Beach Room contains a large ocean mural that gives the impression that one could walk right into the water, and contains a continuous moving picture display of an aquarium showing images of bright and colorful sea life, all of which create visual stimulation. The Beach Room is equipped with quality speakers that can either play songs from the 40s, 50s and 60s typically associated with the beach or can play ocean background sounds for quieter auditory stimulation. The Beach Room also utilizes aromatherapy to stimulate the sense of smell. Noble Care, LLC is quite proud of our tactile stimulating tables containing fun items for clients to touch including kinetic sand, seashells, and other interesting items which will vary. The last sense, taste, is not forgotten. In the Beach Room, Noble Care, LLC provides snacks such as fruits and popsicles along with beverages such as fruit juices. Noble Care, LLC’s Beach Room is unique to the Noble Care, LLC Center and is extremely beneficial to our clients.