Shockingly, many people don’t know about adult day centers, let alone their benefits. One of the most frequently asked questions about adult day centers is ‘what is the difference between In-Home Care and Adult Day Centers?’

In-Home care is a service provided by many facilities who employ medically certified staff to care for a client in the client’s home.  The care can range from 24-hour care, known as live-in care, to a set number of hours either on a given day or in a given week depending on the family’s needs. The medically certified personnel will help client’s use the restroom, bathe clients, administer the client’s medication, run errands for the family, do light housekeeping, and prepare meals for the client. Typically, this service is an hourly cost and can run anywhere from $20-$40 an hour with a minimum number of hours required per shift.  The live-in care cost is typically at the lower end, $20 per hour, and the shorter shift hourly rate is closer to $40.  An ideal candidate for In-Home care is a person who has minimal independence and needs care for most, if not all, activities of daily living either on a short-term or long-term basis.  The cost of in-home care is significantly higher than that of Noble Care, LLC.

Adult day centers like Noble Care, LLC provide clients with a fun place to go for the day, while at the same time providing supervision and some assistance with activities of daily living. At Noble Care, LLC, we offer clients an opportunity to socialize with others, and to engage in activities and games for mental stimulation. Ideal candidates for Noble Care, LLC are people who need socialization, stimulation, and supervision but who do not require assistance by medical staff for general activities.  In terms of pricing, Noble Care, LLC is about $100 a day, which is considerably less than in-home care.

Both Adult Day Centers and In-Home Care are quality options and it’s just a matter of figuring out which choice is a better fit for your family.