Noble Care, LLC provides a relaxed environment to give your loved ones emotional support.  Our rooms are designed to provide a retro feel taking your loved ones back to an era that evokes fond memories.  They can take a stroll through our Drive-In or sit and chat in our fifties style Diner.  They can enjoy sensory stimulation in the Beach Room or read quietly in our Library.  We add to the experience of our room décor with different aromatherapies and background music selections.  Our goal is to minimize our attendees’ stress and maximize their well-being.  

Noble Care, LLC provides a nurturing environment to make your loved ones feel safe and comfortable.  Safety is our number one priority.  We have a number of safety protocols in place including alarms on exterior doors, locked kitchen facilities to prevent guests from accessing stove or other appliances without supervision, shower facilities, and of course, the proper number of professional care givers to provide proper attention and service to our participants.

Noble Care, LLC provides a variety of meaningful activities designed to make your loved ones feel useful and important in our Noble Care, LLC community.  These meaningful activities include, for example, helping prepare a meal or baking sweets, participating in reading activities, interacting with guests visiting the center, and, of course, participating in craft activities.  Our goal is to increase confidence and self-gratification without increasing stress.  

Noble Care, LLC provides fun filled activities designed to maximize your loved ones’ enjoyment.  Examples of these activities include a group sing along with a guest piano player, group word games, group balloon volleyball games, a magic show presented by a guest magician, and a variety of other presentations to delight and entertain our participants.